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Camera shy? We wont ask you to do anything for us, just enjoy your day and allow us to capture it for you.

With years of experience directing and filming TV documentaries around the world, I am used to working discreetly. My style of shooting is very unobtrusive and most couples tell me they forgot I was there by the end of the day, please drop me a line if you are nervous about being filmed Kirsty x

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Read an unbiased account as to why hiring a wedding videographer is such a big part of not only your day but your future and let Alan Berg, who has been in the wedding industry for over 20 years, tell you his own personal account and things to consider.Read more


Wedding films, not what they used to be.

Wedding videography has changed a lot over the years, and a great videographer will capture the day as you remember it, along with all the bits you missed! They will use music chosen by you to really make the film personal and memorable. Like photographs wedding films can capture things that you will want to remember forever, but where films come into their own is being able to hear those voices and see those wonderful moments as they unfold.

There are lots of really great videography companies (covering York, Leeds Harrogate, Yorkshire area) offering similar services but where I like to think I stand above the others is discretion. Videography can be an intimidating thing for lots of people, and the thought of having a camera follow you around all day can be really off putting.

I spent 18 years of my life making documentaries for Television, this experience lends itself so well to being able to capture things without you realising Im there. I will never ask you to perform for me, or re-create anything, you dont need to pose or do anything at all, I am there to capture the day, not be part of it.

I also think the having a female videographer can be appealing to some brides, I’ve been in your position and I can really emphathise with those wedding morning nerves and excitement.

I love what I do, and I try to keep my packages competitive. Hopefully you will find something to suit your budget here Read more