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About Grace Films

About Grace Films

I have been lucky enough to have a career in television that spans over 18 years, it’s hard to think it’s been that long, it really has never felt like work to me.
As a naturally inquisitive (or shall we say nosey?) person a career telling other peoples stories was kind of inevitable for me.

I’ve been fortunate enough to make documentaries and factual entertainment programme’s for all the major channels from Wife Swap to Life Laundry, I’ve travelled the world doing what I love best, which is sharing ordinary peoples extraordinary stories!

I have been privileged enough to be there during pivotal moments in peoples lives, from births and marriages to events that change people forever.

Then came my own life changing moment, my son Lewie was born 4 years ago and I knew that I could no longer jet off at the drop of a hat, but the thought of putting my camera down for good was almost too much to bear.

Having always filmed weddings for friends and family, setting up my own videography business seemed like a natural step for me, so Grace Films was born, named after my Nana who loved a good wedding and was just as nosey as me!

I’ve been a bride, I know the blood sweat and tears that goes into planning a wedding and I also know that the day flies by at an alarming rate!
One minute you’re trying to get your make up on without crying, the next you’re picking confetti out of unimaginable places wondering where the time went?
It is my job to capture the moment that ring goes on your finger, the first kiss as Mr & Mrs and all those moments you might miss during all the excitement.

To be able to sit and watch your vows with your children and even your grandchildren is a very special thing indeed. Photographs are beautiful and important, they capture a moment in time, but to hear, see and feel these moments again, well they’re worth their weight in wedding cake!

I hope you like what I do, and I look forwarding to helping capture your big day for you.

Kirsty x


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